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CFP Extension for Undergraduate Research Forum

The deadline to submit a proposal SCSMT Spring 2021 virtual conference has now passed.  Thank you for your submissions. 

We have, however, decided to extend the CFP for the undergraduate research forum until December 7th at 11:59 pm CST.   

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH FRUM SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Submissions should comprise a single document in .doc(x) or .pdf format. Proposals should be no longer than 250 words, including all footnotes and/or endnotes. Up to two pages of supplemental examples and materials (e.g., musical examples, diagrams, selected bibliography) may be submitted exclusive to the 250-word limit. Proposals should articulate the paper’s premise and its relation to existing music theoretical research and provide some illustration of applications. Since proposals will be evaluated anonymously, they should exclude the author’s name and any other signal of authorship.

TO SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL use the following Google forms link: https://forms.gle/o6E5PYH8HGveCuCU7

Questions about submissions should be directed to Rebecca Long (Program Committee) Chair at rebecca.long@louisville.edu.