2019 Program

South Central Society for Music Theory Conference
March 15–16, 2019

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


7:30 p.m. (School of Music Recital Hall) Constantinides New Music Ensemble concert
Free and open to the public


8:00–9:00 a.m. Coffee Reception (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 102)

8:00–9:00 a.m. Registration (Music & Dramatic Arts Building – lobby)

9:00 a.m. Opening Remarks (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 215)

9:15–10:15 a.m. Session 1 (Concurrent Papers)

Lines (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 215)
Nathan Fleshner (University of Tennessee), chair

  • Composing an American Line: Contrapuntal Structure in Adams’ Hallelujah Junction
    Olivia Maynard (University of Southern Mississippi)
  • The Overarching Ursatz in Beethoven’s Opus 131
    Alexander Amato (Stephen F. Austin State University)
Lyrics (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 221)
Nancy Carey (University of Louisiana at Monroe), chair

  • Three Forms of “Tristesse"
    John Y. Lawrence (University of Chicago)
  • Parenthetical Insertions and Ellipses in Schumann’s Eichendorff Liederkreis
    Alexander Martin (Stetson University)

10:15–10:30 a.m. Coffee Break

10:30–11:30 a.m. Session 2 (Concurrent Papers)

Musical Form (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 215)
Jeffrey Perry (Louisiana State University), chair

  • Classical-Model Sentences and Their Elaborations in Richard Strauss's Songs for Voice and Piano
    Joshua Tanis (Florida State University)
  • The Introductory Dominant: Addressing the Metastructural Significance of “Before the Beginning” Dominant Prolongation
    Hannah Waterman (University of Texas at Arlington)
Semiosis (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 221)
Jeremy Orosz (University of Memphis), chair

  • Getting Your Bearings: Defining Topics in the Video Game Music of Nintendo
    Wesley J. Bradford (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
  • Goethe's Generation of Color as a Metaphor for Analyzing Harmonic Shading and Trajectories
    Stephen Whale (CUNY Graduate Center)

11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Lunch Break (nearby restaurants listed in conference packet)

1:00–2:00 p.m. Music Forum Lecture, “The Liturgical Other: Women, Jews, and South Italian Chant”
(Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 249)
Luisa Nardini (Associate Professor of Musicology, University of Texas at Austin)

2:00-3:30 p.m. Session 3 (Concurrent Papers)

Meter (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 215)
Trevor de Clercq (Middle Tennessee State University), chair

  • Expressive Asynchrony and Lyrical Meaning in Buffy Sainte-Marie Songs
    Nancy Murphy (University of Houston)
  • Shifting the Backbeat: The Polymetric Pogo and Other Such Things
    Zachary Cairns (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
  • "Interventionist" Phasing in Steve Reich's Nagoya Marimbas
    [abstract] [handout]
    Stanley Ralph Fink (Florida State University)
Experimentation (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 221)
Joseph Brumbeloe (University of Southern Mississippi), chair

  • Death Metal Dodecaphony and Partition Schemes in Ron Jarzombek’s Twelve-Tone Music
    Michael Dekovich (University of Oregon)
  • Making Sense of Hosokawa's Vertical Time
    Joon Park (University of Arkansas)
  • A Narrative Reading of Alois Hába’s String Quartet no. 3 in the Quarter-Tone System, op. 12
    Jennifer Harding (Florida State University)

3:30-3:45 p.m. Break

3:45-4:45 p.m. Session 4 (Concurrent Lightning Talks)

Elements (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 215)
Inessa Bazayev (Louisiana State University), chair

  • What’s Tonic in a Snare Drum Sonata?
    [handout] [slides]
    Art Samplaski (Ithaca, NY)
  • Using Statistics to Describe Musical Form: An Alternative Approach for Corpus-Based Analysis
    Gretta Sayers (Brandon University)
  • When Words are Not Enough: Aural Tropes and Compositional Techniques in Popular Music Dealing with Mental Health
    Brian McGoldrick (Memphis, TN)
Pedagogy (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 221)
Janna Saslaw (Loyola University), chair

  • The Chorale in North American Music Theory: A Model for Musical Structure?
    William van Geest (University of Michigan)
  • Balancing Effective Multimodal Pedagogy: A Case Study of Extroverted and Introverted Music Students
    James Palmer (St. Olaf College)

Identity (Music & Dramatic Arts Building, 221)
Daniel Shanahan (Ohio State University), chair

  • Thelonious Monk’s Prototypical Style
    Connor Davis (Louisiana State University)
  • A Moonlight Requisition: Mendelssohn Borrowing From Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ Sonata
    Julianna Willson (University of Memphis)

7:30 p.m. (School of Music Recital Hall) Lomazov-Rackers Piano Duo concert
Free and open to the public


9:00–11:00 a.m. Workshops (The French House)

Workshop 1 (The French House, 200)
“Tonal and Harmonic Ambiguity in the Analysis of Popular Music”
Trevor de Clercq (Assistant Professor of the Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University)

Workshop 2 (The French House, 218)
“Incorporating Computational and Corpus Methods into Your Research”
Daniel Shanahan (Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Cognition, Ohio State University)

11:15 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Plenary Discussion (The French House, 135)
Ben Wadsworth (Kennesaw State University), moderator

  • “The Certain Uncertainty in Popular Music Analysis”
    Trevor de Clercq (Middle Tennessee State University)
  • “Measuring the Immeasurable in Music”
    Daniel Shanahan (Ohio State University)

12:00-12:30 p.m. SCSMT Business Meeting (The French House, 135)
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