2021 Program

The Spring 2021 meeting of the South-Central Society for Music Theory will be held entirely online from February 19 – 20, 2021.

Tentative Program, SCSMT 2021
*** All times listed are Central Time Zone (CST) ***


2:00 pm, Session 1: Timbre and Genre
Chair: Olivia Lucas, Louisiana State University

  • Sammy Gardner (Ohio State University), “The Sincerity of a Gesture”
  • Emily Milius (University of Oregon), “Voice as Trauma Recovery: Vocal Timbre in Kesha’s ‘Praying’”
  • Madison Stepherson (University of Minnesota), “Talking Timbre: Vocal Timbre and Narrative in Florence + the Machine’sCeremonials”

3:00 pm, Session 2: Analysis and Meta-Analysis
Chair: Ivan Elezovic, Jackson State University

  • Chelsea Wright (University of Oregon), “Expositional Structures in the Type 2 Keyboard Sonatas of J.C. Bach”
  • Hanisha Kulothparan (Michigan State University), “Webern’s Influence on Barbara Pentland’s Serialism in Symphony for TenParts”
  • J. Wesley Flinn (University of Minnesota Morris), “Looking at Music Theory through the Overton Window”

4:00 pm, Session 3: Critical Approaches
Chair: Wesley Bradford, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

  • Matt Chiu (Eastman School of Music), “Contextual Chord Embeddings for Stylistic Analysis”
  • Varun Chandrasekhar (University of Minnesota), “Jazz and Imagination: A Sartrean Approach to Jazz Ontology”
  • Aubrey Leaman (Northwestern University), “Empathic Identification: A Theory of Subjective Agency in Western Art Music” [Video] [Slides] [Abstract]

5:00 pm, Music Theory Hangout and Happy Hour


11:00 am, Keynote Presentation

• Lori Burns (University of Ottawa), “Sharing Sonic Space in Metal Duets: Floor Jansen’s Vocal Collaborations”

Noon – 1:00 pm, Lunch Break

1:00 pm, Session 4: Undergraduate Research Forum
Chair: Janna Saslaw (Loyola University)

  • Joseph Grunkemeyer (Kennesaw State University), “Narrative Ambiguity in Brahms Op. 38: An Argument for Multi- Movement Analysis”
  • Kaleb Brown (University of Memphis), “Interpreting Religious Symbolism in Sofia Gubaidulina’s in croce for violoncello and organ”
  • Alex Pipkins (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), “Observations on Modern Techniques of Philip Sparke”

2:00 pm, Session 5: Harmony and Structure
Chair, TBA

  • Ellen Bakulina (University of North Texas), “Rachmaninoff’s Subdominant”
  • Benjamin K. Wadsworth and Meghan O’Harra (Kennesaw State University), “The Submerged Urlinie and Musical Narrative”
  • Kyle Hutchinson (Toronto, Ontario), “Black Narratives in the White Racial Frame: Dialogue, Persistence, andStructure in Florence Price’s Piano Sonata in E Minor”

3:00 pm, Session 6: Folk Music
Chair, TBA

  • Robert McCormac (Appalachian State University), “Old-Time Participatory Music Traditions as a Contemporary Pedagogical Model”
  • Andrew Brinkman (Midwestern State University), “Analyses on the History, Organization, and Use of the Essen Folksong Collection”

4:00 pm, Business Meeting

5:00 pm, Music Theory Hangout and Happy Hour