Boards and Committees

Executive Board:

Ben Wadsworth, Kennesaw State University (President, 2018–2020)

Joe Brumbeloe, University of Southern Mississippi (Treasurer, 2018–2021)

Nathan Fleshner, University of Tennessee Knoxville (Secretary, 2019–2021)

Program Committee:

Jeremy Orosz, University of Memphis (Chair, 2019–2020)

Karen Bottge, University of Kentucky (2019-2020)

Adam Hudlow, Northwestern State University of Louisiana (2019–2020)

Wesley Bradford, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2019–2020)

John Y. Lawrence, University of Chicago (2019–2020)

Reporting to the Executive Board:

Trevor de Clercq, Middle Tennessee State University (Webmaster, 2017–)

Rebecca Long, UMASS Amherst (Social Media Coordinator, 2018–)

Madison Coffey, University of Minnesota (Social Media Assistant, 2019–)

Local Arrangements Chair:

Clare Sher Ling Eng, Belmont University (Chair, 2019–2020)

Meeting Minutes and Business Agendas: