Boards and Committees

Executive Board:

Ben Wadsworth, Kennesaw State University (President, 2018–2020)

Joe Brumbeloe, University of Southern Mississippi (Treasurer, 2018–2021)

Nathan Fleshner, University of Tennessee Knoxville (Secretary, 2019–2021)

Program Committee:

Jeremy Orosz, University of Memphis (Chair, 2019–2020)

Adam Hudlow, Northwestern State University of Louisiana (2019–2020)

Wesley Bradford, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2019–2020)

John Y. Lawrence, University of Chicago (2019–2020)

Reporting to the Executive Board:

Trevor de Clercq, Middle Tennessee State University (Webmaster, 2017–)

Rebecca Long, UMASS Amherst (Social Media Coordinator, 2018–)

Madison Coffey, University of Minnesota (Social Media Assistant, 2019–)

Local Arrangements Chair:

Clare Sher Ling Eng, Belmont University (Chair, 2019–2020)

Meeting Minutes and Business Agendas: