Boards and Committees

Executive Board:

Jeremy Orosz, University of Memphis (President, 2020–2022)

Joe Brumbeloe, University of Southern Mississippi (Treasurer, 2018–2021)

Nathan Fleshner, University of Tennessee Knoxville (Secretary, 2019–2021)

Program Committee for 2021 Conference:

Rebecca Long, University of Louisville (Chair)

Janna Saslaw, Loyola University

Alexander Martin, Stetson University

Matthew Boyle, University of Alabama

Jordan Lenchitz, Florida State University (Winner, 2020 Graduate Student Paper Award)

Reporting to the Executive Board:

Trevor de Clercq, Middle Tennessee State University (Webmaster, 2017–)

Rebecca Long, University of Louisville (Social Media Coordinator, 2018–)

Madison Stepherson, University of Minnesota (Social Media Assistant, 2019–)

Meeting Minutes and Business Agendas: